1981 Bradley GT 2 Electric


leonardabell: anyting is for sale for the right price. Apr 18, 2022 6:45:26 GMT -5
james72: Why do folks list a Bradley for sale and NEVER answer an inquiry about the sale, WHY LIST IT IF YOU WONT ANSWER, it is frustrating and a bit rude!!! May 17, 2022 9:33:26 GMT -5
br: I see your looking for a Bradley for sale. I have one in Mid Michigan that is complete with the Gull wing doors. Have the original sales materials, invoices, correspondence with Bradley and instruction manuals. pine184@frontier.com Jul 19, 2022 14:32:20 GMT -5
deathtrap: Hello! Seriously interested in your car. I only need two things. I need more pictures, including pictures of the interior and engine compartment, and the transmission/rear axle area. Also need to know if this is an IRS car or a Swingaxle car. If you a Sept 16, 2022 8:04:13 GMT -5
gt2503: anyone got a tach gauge? Oct 9, 2022 22:30:34 GMT -5 *
quentin: There is a VINTAGE VDO JET thingyPIT TACHOMETER on eBay for $159. Looks good. Key search word is JET. I sold my rough one there for $120 if I recall. Oct 23, 2022 0:00:23 GMT -5
quentin: ThingyPIT. Stupid prudish spell checker! You know... ROOSTER.... WHERE THE PILOT SITS IN THE AIRPLANE, Oct 23, 2022 0:03:46 GMT -5
daveh: I am looking for a GT2 gauge panel or parts thereof. Please respond if you have one or any parts for sale - thanks Jan 30, 2023 20:46:23 GMT -5
oliver: Offer bundle of documents BRADLEY GT. 2x Assembly Manual. 1x Wiring Manual. 1x color card upholstery. 1x Sales flyer. Pls consider shipping cost (from Germany). If you leave your email, I can send a picture of all items. 50$ pls shipping. vitamins@gmx.com May 17, 2023 3:50:36 GMT -5 *
rrboudreaux3: What is the approximate value for a Bradley GT2 purchased as a kit in 1981 but never assembled. All parts should be there and has been in storage since purchased. Will not part out; will be all or none. Jul 10, 2023 8:09:34 GMT -5
ddbling: Do you still have the unassembled Bradley Gt2 Aug 1, 2023 16:42:23 GMT -5
bradjackly: Can anyone provide a rough estimate of value for a functioning 1970 Bradley GT electric? Sept 2, 2023 12:40:37 GMT -5
bradjackly: thanks fam. Sept 5, 2023 11:54:14 GMT -5
giethoorn1: Hello Bradley GT2 friends. I'm from Holland. I am looking for two original complete taillights for my Bradley. Can anyone help me with this? Greetings Jan Doornbos Netherlands
Sept 13, 2023 8:36:01 GMT -5
speedracer5: Look on eBay for old school bus lights. Good luck! Sept 14, 2023 23:42:35 GMT -5
speedracer5: Do I have to remove the body of my GT2 to remove the gas tank? There is rust in my tank. Or can I treat it in place? Sept 14, 2023 23:45:57 GMT -5
superdave008: Dude here is some help full info. www.bobthagard.com/car_web. Oct 27, 2023 0:05:46 GMT -5
superdave008: also look up Jeff troy he sells a Cd its pretty good. Oct 27, 2023 0:07:29 GMT -5
superdave008: you need a donor car 68 to 74 beetle dual port motor irs rear suspension. a title , no super beetle. Oct 27, 2023 0:12:49 GMT -5
wildbillcody833: got them.. just came across all the left overs factory. 707 304 0946.call me my name is cody Feb 19, 2024 4:13:37 GMT -5
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